Team Members


Profile - Loch Brown

Loch Brown

Senior Instructor UBC Geography

My interests lie in the theory and practice of sustainable development, with the majority of my work to date focusing on development-related challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa. All of my courses examine human environment interactions, and seek to engage with questions of sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective and at multiple temporal and spatial scales. Taught courses currently include Environment and Sustainability, Environmental Impact Assessment, Agriculture and the Environment, and Natural Hazards.

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Profile - Arthur Green

Arthur Gill Green

Affiliate Assistant Professor UBC Geography, BCcampus Open Education Faculty Fellow, Hewlett Foundation OER Research Fellow

I am an advocate for open education resources, service learning, and open pedagogy. I develop and use these principles to teach Geographic Information Science and topics in human and environmental geography. At UBC, I have worked on curriculum review for the Environmental and Sustainability major, led open science experiments with large courses, implemented novel assessment tools (e.g. two-stage exams), and developed student portfolio tools. I continue to manage this website and coordinate the technical team for developing virtual reality field trips (BCcampus OER Grant). My work on open education is informed by my commitment to critical pedagogyresponsible pedagogy, and my research on critical approaches to property theory. My doctoral research was on post-conflict/post-disaster property rights and I continue to work at the intersection of natural resource management, property theory, legal geography, and political ecology. Updates on my work can be found below and on my teaching website.

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Profile - Derek Turner

Derek Turner

College Professor Douglas College

I am an enthusiastic advocate of student-led, outcome-based education. As part of the Flexible Learning Project, I am involved with integrating new flexible and blended teaching approaches that allow student to explore course and program content in more effective ways. I am especially interested in the capability of mobile, web-based learning tools and other technologies to support students in reaching their learning goals. In my courses, I focus on using inquiry-based activities that provide students with authentic and practical experiences.

My other research interests are in understanding the timing and cause of Pleistocene glaciations in the Canadian Cordillera, their connection to long-term cycles of climate change and their lasting impact on the people, ecology and landscape in western and northern Canada.

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Profile - Elissa Liu

Elissa Liu

Research Assistant – Flexible Learning

I am a 4th year UBC student with a major in environmental science and a minor in arts. For the past three years, I have been working at various environmental organizations doing work related to contaminated sites, carbon emissions and water quality. During my spare time, I love to run, read, and drink tea….in that order.

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Profile - Miriam Katz

Miriam Katz

Research Assistant – Flexible Learning

I hold a Master’s of Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto. My interests include writing poetry, dance, cycling, and cooking. I grew up in Toronto and have had the fortune to live, work, and study in England, Japan, Germany, and most recently, I taught at a university in China.

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Kimi Yuqing Shen

Research Assistant & Developer of FieldPress

Kimi is an extraordinarily gifted computer programmer that has, almost single-handedly built the FieldPress plugin for the project.  He is a fourth year Electrical Engineering student, that runs his own WordPress business as well.

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Heather Dorries

Assistant Professor, Carleton University

Heather worked on the project in 2013/2014. She is currently at the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

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