Canadian Wilderness Myth

Canadian Wilderness Myth

Author:  Loch Brown Teaching Notes:  This learning activity is meant to accompany other class material on the social construction of Nature, in particular a reading by William Cronon entitled “The Trouble with Wilderness”,  and asks students to explore this concept in relation to the Canadian context.     Is there a distinctly Canadian Wilderness Myth […]

Globalization, Colonialism, and the Used Clothing Industry

Globalization, Colonialism, and the Used Clothing Industry

Authors: Michael Jerowsky & Loch Brown Teaching Notes: This 20 year old documentary provides a great focus for discussion of geography, globalization, colonialism, and development through an exploration of how these intersect in the case of the global used clothing industry and its impacts on livelihoods and economy in Zambia.  It traces both the drivers […]

Grand Opening: New Emerging Media Lab Space

We are now only one week away from the grand opening of the Emerging Media Lab’s new space in Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, happening on Tuesday, March 26th, 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m!   Through collaborations amongst UBC IT, UBC Library, and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, there is now a more public and […]

Stanley Park Virtual Field Trip

The Technology of Virtual Reality This Geography VR project is utilizing cutting-edge innovative technologies. Virtual reality is an expanding platform that has grown ever since it’s first introduction, and is the key innovation that we will be utilized within this project. Photogrammetry and other technologies were also used, combining the best and newest innovations to […]

A Guide To Capturing and Preparing Photogrammetry For Unity

Working in collaboration with The Emerging Media Lab and Metanauts ( a dynamic small Vancouver VR start-up), we have been working to create VR field trips that entail photo realistic interactive environments built using photogrammetry techniques, and showcased with the HTC Vive running in Unity.   In order to achieve this we have been using hand […]

Faculty Interviews: Learning Design and Innovation

Instructors reflect on what it means to be an educator at UBC, and how they have been able to innovate and design good learning environments both inside and outside of the classroom.