Open Education Learning Modules

The following are introductory learning modules to a range of topics that are taught in introductory courses within our Environment and Sustainability undergraduate program.  They are intended to be led or facilitated by a TA or instructor, but stand relatively well on their own.  They are all CC BY licensed, with the exception of media embedded or streamed from third parties, please feel free to use them in part or in whole in your own classroom or just for ideas!

by Nick Fewings

Globalization, Colonialism, and the Used Clothing Industry

April 16, 2021

Authors: Michael Jerowsky & Loch Brown Teaching Notes: This 20 year old documentary provides a great focus for discussion of geography, globalization, colonialism, and development through an exploration of how these intersect in the case of the global used clothing industry and its impacts on livelihoods and economy in Zambia.  It traces both the drivers […]