QGIS Modules

We have developed a series of modules for learning GIScience through an open source GIS program called QGIS (www.qgis.org).   To date we have completed two QGIS learning modules.  The first is an introduction to the basics of QGIS, and covers the basic interface, working with raster and vector data, and symbology.  The second module covers the basics of making a map that includes attribute data and table manager plugin, labels and classification, and using print composer.  The modules were inspired by, remixed, and added to the original openly licensed QGIS training manual.  Our learning modules use open data specific to British Columbia and were collaboratively edited with student research assistants and students from our Advanced GIScience course.

Please contact us for more information (arthur.green@geog.ubc.ca).

These QGIS modules are openly licensed (CC BY-SA 4.0) .